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Prevent Sports Eye Injuries
Every 13 minutes a sports related eye injury visits an ER
More than 100,000 sports/recreation eye injuries occur each year
Over 90% of eye injuries can be prevented with protective eyewear

Rec Specs has been the leader in the growing national movement promoting eye safety during scholastic and recreational sports.

Introduced in 1978 as the first prescription protective sports eyewear, we rely on Rec Specs when it comes to providing the best possible protective sports eyewear to both children and adults.

Rec Specs is the first protective sport eyewear
to receive the AOA seal of approval

All Sports Goggle styles meets or exceeds ASTM F803 impact resistance standards for racquetball, handball, tennis, basketball, squash, soccer and paddleball, and many more ball/stick sports. Polycarbonate UV 400 lenses.

Regardless of an individual's age or skill level, every athlete's eyes are targets for injury! Under most circumstances,
at least 90% of sports-related eye injuries are preventable with the proper use of protective sports eyewear.

The impact of a ball or other equipment as well as an opponent's hands and elbows pose a threat to an athlete's visual safety. According to a 2001 report by Prevent Blindness of America, there are over 38,000 sports-related eye injuries requiring costly emergency room care.

This number could potentially skyrocket when you consider the treatment of eye injuries in a private practitioner's office.

As sports participation statistics continue to climb, and newly identified "extreme" sports gain in popularity, the number of athletes who fall victim to eye injuries has the potential to grow at alarming rates.

School-aged competitors are particularly prone to eye injuries since their athletic skills (hand-eye coordination, balance, reaction time and speed) are still being developed.

We are committed to educating you on the performance differences between fashion eyeglasses and protective sports eyewear that is designed to prevent eye injuries.

Protective Sports Eyewear are eyeglass frames or goggles specifically designed and manufactured to meet or exceed the appropriate US impact protection standards. All protective sport eyewear must also have polycarbonate lenses designed to withstand impact.

Brand Style Meets or Exceeds ASTM F803 Standards for These Sports Fitting Characteristics
Children & Teens Teens & Adults
Morpheus l  
Morpheus ll
Morpheus lll
Slam XL  

MAXX 20  
MAXX 21  
MAXX 30  
MAXX 31  

All-Pro APX
Jr. Rec Specs  

Two improtant US Standards are:
ASTM F803 - The American Society for Testing and Materials publishes protective standards for various sports. F803 is the most strict standard for protective eyewear.

ANSI Z87.1 - The American National Standards Institute publishes standards for protective eyewear for occupational saftey


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