What to Expect At a Contact Lens Fitting

Contact Lens Fittings

Contacts and glasses are two effective ways to improve your vision. While the majority of people can wear glasses perfectly fine, contacts still offer several benefits that make them worth the extra effort you need to put towards eye care. For instance, you might want contacts that you can wear for sport such as swimming, or you might just prefer not having glasses resting on your nose. When you visit us at Eyes on Flagler in Miami, FL, for contacts, we can ask you to sit down for an exam that makes sure the pair you get is the perfect fit.

Why Does an Eye Doctor Perform a Contact Lens Fitting?

Everyone’s eyes can be different, and you need your contacts to fit the shape and size of your eye well to prevent common problems. A contact that is too loose may slide around in your eye and cause irritation. You may also have astigmatism or another condition that affects the surface of the eye and may require a special type of lens. Keep in mind that your eyes can change shape and size over time, which is why you may need to get fitted again during your future eye exams.

How Does an Optometrist Fit You For Contacts?

An eye doctor uses several tools to take measurements of your eyes, much like a tailor might measure other parts of your body. Using a tool, our optometrist can check the measurement of the curvature of your eye. Don’t worry, this procedure is painless. When he is all done, we can prescribe you a set of contacts that fits your eyes like a glove.

What Else Should You Expect at a Contact Lens Fitting?

Most contact exams also involve a general exam that assesses your overall eye health. Our vision doctor may also check for issues such as dry eyes that might require you to wear a special type of lens or use moisturizing drops. If your prescription is available, then we may have you put in a trial pair at the end of the appointment. We may ask you to wear them for a week and come back to check for any issues that could signify a need to change the prescription.

Visit Us for More Information from Our Eye Doctor

Everyone responds to contacts differently, but you can help make sure that you have the best start at achieving better vision with out optometrist. Contact us at Eyes on Flagler in Miami, FL, to get lenses that fit comfortably. Call us at (305) 220-7555.


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